State Champs – Slow Burn

New music from State Champs, released today, 31st of March 2017! These guys are one of the best pop-punk bands getting around these days and are based in New York.

They’re releasing a deluxe edition of their 2015 album, ‘Around the World and Back’ on May 5th which will feature 2 new songs, 2 live songs, 2 acoustic tracks and a full length DVD!


Hey, it’s me – Kenny Birdman.

So I’m currently based in Brisbane, Australia and have lived here since I was 8. I grew up listening to a Aussie bands like Bodyjar and The Living End alongside international acts like Guttermouth, Saves the Day and The Starting Line.

My music taste has been somewhat the same since, however it has broadened as I’ve grown older (now in my late 20’s) to become big long term fans of bands like Kevin Devine, Bayside, Brand New, Less Than Jake, Saves The Day and The Gaslight Anthem.

Pop-punk is where I’ve finally defined my love and along with it, some incredible bands like Forever Came Calling, Neck Deep, Moose Blood, Turnover, State Lines and All Get Out.

The purpose of this website is to basically keep my interest in music strong and share my love of music with other people. I’ll plan to keep an eye out for new, upcoming bands who I feel have great potential and need to be recognized as well as post regular song recommendations from some of my favourite songs/albums since the early 2000’s.

Feel free to contact me with any recommendations that could potentially be posted here and I’ll give them a listen.

Cheers, Kenny.